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  2003.08.09  01.51

I haven't written in this journal in forever. Well, most of the reason is because having it brought me a lot of pain, and because I have a journal at a different name now.

I've grown up so much since this.

There is so much to tell. I'm going to start updating.

excerpted from Sean's Journal...........


12:34 am - Her name was Nomi she was a showgirl!

So tonight I hungout with Tina,Kara,Steve, and Marisa who I havent seen in like forever. It was alot of fun. First we went down to detroit because the orginal plan was to go to the Tiger's game. But the cheap tickets were sold out. SO we headed back to Dearborn to eat dinner. On the way back..we were seriously almost run off of the road by a HUGE truck. What the fuck seriously. So like when we passed him we all flicked him off. He like freaked out. The guy started like screaming and shit. Uneccessary!

So we go to Ram's Horn for dinner. And like this weird ass kid was sitting at the bar and staring at us. SO we like all notice that this kid isnt going to stop looking at us. The the kid like looks at Kara and hes like "Kelly, Annie hey guys". It was so weird and he seriously had such a weird voice. So Tina looks at him and shes like "Hi" and the kid like gets up and tells the manager on us. What the hell?? We didnt get yelled at. But it was freaking weird.

So then we went to BlockBuster and rented the all time best movie SHOWGIRLS and watched it at Tina's house. Fun times. We all agreed that we are going to make a sequel to the movie. Its going to be freaking amazing.
(Showgirls tenative Cast List)
Scarey guy at club Chettah/Steve
It was a really fun night though. I need to hangout with those crazy bastards more often. OK well im going to go work on my dance moves. We are going to clubs and performing scenes from the movie. (:!

P.S Marisa convince your parents to let you come back to Michigan for senior yr. That would Rock!!!


I love that boy! He is so piss-pants funny it's ridiculous!

I've been thinking a lot lately about how shitty it's going to be once I move back, and thus, depression begins to make its way. I don't know if I can go through this again. I really, really don't.

I'm going to miss everyone so much.

holla at me

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